We are THE Accelerator for Smart Home, Smart Living and Intelligent Buildings, initiated and backed by some of the finest german home technology brands and service providers.

What we are looking for:

We are seeking for real gamechangers, groundbreaking innovations or simply impressing entrepreneus, just like you!

To participate in our UNIVERSAL HOME Accelerator program, you need to have a smart idea in the “smart home and smart living” area. You took it a step further already? Meaning, your idea doesn’t lives only on the paper any more – you gathered smart minds in a team and proved your idea with a demo or an MVP already? Even better.
Let’s take the next mile together, shall we?

What we offer:

Without a doubt – your startup is unique.

That is why we will create a program that is tailored to your needs. Of course you will get the opportunity to learn from the best when it comes to Business Modelling, Pitch Trainings, Marketing & Sales or testing and serial production. But apart from that we will connect you with specialists in your area, inspire you with key notes and talks with successful entrepreneurs and – last but certainly not least – we will boost your network by creating social events.

At a glance:

3-month program

An intense program designed to scale your groundbreaking idea

Corporate Partners

Connections to the leading corporates in your industry

Tailored Mentorship

Handpicked mentors who will help you with hands-on support


Learn from the best exactly what you need – business modelling, marketing, financing, testing or serial production

Global Network

Serving over 157 countries in the world with our industry-leading products, we definitely have a global network – and we are more than happy to introduce it to you

Coworking Space

Free desk, Internet, water and coffee for you and your team for 3 month

Demo Day

After all your work and effort we will celebrate you!

How does it work? What is the time schedule?

Your startup will take part in our accelerator together with 3 other unique startups for the duration of 3 months in Dortmund. Although your presence is only required for two days a week, we strongly recommend to join us every day. During that time we will train you for taking your idea to the world.

After 3 months the moment of truth derives in an event we call “Pitch Day”. Here you will pitch your MVP in front of a selected group of corporates and investors.

What we ask in return:

That is where it gets interesting for you!
We do not want any equities – at least not for program admittance.

To make this program work though, we need your presence for at least five days a month in our accelerator base either in Dortmund or Essen. All costs covered – we cover the costs for travel and shelter. However, if you want to get the most out of it, we strongly advise you to be around every day. Our accelerator provides an office for you, so all you need is a place to live.
And if you “wow” us and you think we are a perfect match for you, then we can talk about equities…